FAQ - About Indoor Tanning
We know that you have a lot of questions about solarium. Therefore, in this post we want to dispel your doubts. How often should I go to a solarium? How to start tanning? And how to get a beautiful skin color? We invite all interested to read.

How often should I go to a solarium?

Since too much UV exposure can do you more harm than good, we recommend going to a tanning bed up to twice a week - especially if you want a stronger tan. If you're inexperienced, just one session is enough to give your skin a golden glow.

How do I get started with tanning beds?

People who have never tanned in a tanning bed before are advised to have sessions with weak lamps and for short periods of time. What does that mean?
Well, it really depends on your complexion type:

Northern European type - fair complexion, light to dark blonde hair, eyes - blue, gray or green; session duration: 6-8 minutes;

Central European type - slightly swarthy complexion, brown or dark blonde hair, black or dark brown eyes; duration of the session: up to 8 minutes;
Southern European type - sallow complexion, dark brown hair; session duration: unlimited.

Before tanning, it is a good idea to use the right cosmetics so that the session lasts shorter and your skin still gets a beautiful shade. Onyx Grand Cru bronzing accelerator, Onyx Ultime luxury bronzing accelerator or Mega Bronzer are perfect for this.

How to get a quick tan?

To get a quick tan, don't overdo it with the number of sessions or their length. Instead, try one of our helping bronzers - the powerful Onyx Black Caviar or the cult Onyx Hot Action - we have no doubt that bronzers tan the fastest.

Can you tan in a tanning bed while pregnant?

The answer is simple: no. It is imperative that you steer clear of this especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, as UV rays can cause problems with the absorption of folic acid, which is very necessary at this stage of development.

How to dress for a tanning bed?

This is entirely up to you. Remember, however, that the covered areas will not be tanned, which may bother you when wearing strapless dresses, for example.

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