How to keep a tan longer after holiday?

Holiday time is coming to an end but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to say goodbye to your beautiful tan. How to keep tan for longer? There are many ways to maintain your tan long after your holidays. Enjoy your exotic bronze effect and don't let it go! In today's article we will focus on how to make a tan last longer after your holiday time is over. We'll also explain what is the best way to keep a tan.

What determines the durability of a tan?

The longevity of your tan depends on the production of melanin in the skin - the pigment responsible for its color. Which tan lasts the longest? Durability of the tan is heavily influenced by the way we prepare our skin for the tanning process, the method of tanning itself and how we take care of it afterwards.

How to extend the durability of your tan?

What to do to make your tan last much longer and how long does a tan last? Taking proper care of the skin will let you enjoy your glamorous tan long after holiday time comes to an end. How you extend its durability depends only on you. There are a lot of tricks!

Prepare your skin for tanning

The key to success is the proper preparation of your skin before tanning. Make sure you had followed all the steps mentioned below.

Apply peeling before sunbathing

To make your tan lasting and beautiful, you need to start with a peeling that will remove dead skin. This will help you get rid of unevenness, which in turn will lead to a flawless tan. Instead of absorbing the sun's rays, dead skin reflects them - smooth skin absorbs the sun better and turns bronze faster.

You can read more about how to properly prepare your skin for tanning HERE!

Take care of your skin while sunbathing

Proper protection while sunbathing is very important. We're not just talking about the use of sunscreen creams, although that's what we mainly focused on here. It's also about safe sunbathing. Avoid midday hours and do not lie flat on the beach - stay active. Your skin will thank you for it.

Remember about creams with a protective UV filter

Proper care while sunbathing will ensure that you safely achieve your dream tan. Thanks to this, you will not get a sunburn, your skin won't turn out red, and your bronze tan will look natural and simply beautiful. At this point, it is also worth mentioning proper hydration. Sunscreen creams moisturise the skin, allowing it to absorb the sunlight more effectively.

Take care of your skin after sunbathing

You're back from holidays, now what? How to care for my skin at home? How can I make my natural tan last longer? Follow our tips and we guarantee that your tan will be stunning even late into the autumn season!

First of all, moisturise your skin

After returning from your holidays, continue to intensely moisturise and regenerate your skin. The tan will not last long on dry skin. Be sure not to skimp on moisturising lotions and take care of the perfect color of your tan!

Exfoliate your skin even after sunbathing

It is a myth that exfoliation will remove the tan. On the contrary - this step often helps to maintain it even longer, especially when we still have the opportunity to enjoy the sun. The skin will then be more susceptible to the effects of cosmetics and additional sunbathing - maybe the last one this season.

Follow a proper diet

If you are wondering what else you can do to keep tan for longer, think about a proper diet. Remember that we take care of our skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Try to supplement your menu with products rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin A. Try to drink a glass of carrot juice every day. Your skin will not only keep its sunny glow, but its intensity will increase.

Give up hot baths

Hot baths severely dry out your skin. We advise you to switch to cool showers. Use oils and gels that deeply moisturise and slightly oil the skin. It is necessary to use moisturising lotions immediately after showering.

Use the services of a tanning salon

Two sunbed sessions a week are enough to make your vacation tan last longer and not lose its intensity. This is also a very good option for those who love to bask in the sun!

However, it is worth remembering about professional tanning creams for sunbeds that will deepen the shade of your tan even further and take care of your skin. Choose a cosmetic that suits your needs. There are many products that offer amazing nourishment, protection against harmful factors, as well as firming and regenerating properties for your skin.

Remember that using products that are not intended for sunbeds may slow down or even prevent the development of a tan. Using sunscreen creams in a tanning salon can be compared to taking a shower with an umbrella - that is pointless. Sunbed creams and sunbathing cosmetics have completely different functions.

Here's a list of our favorites:

TOSCANA, a 2-in-1 tanning cream with a nourishing oils formula

It accelerates the tanning process and contains a complex of strong bronzing ingredients. It also provides comprehensive care - it contains carefully selected natural oils that intensely moisturize and take care of your skin, as well as anti-cellulite oil, which is a favorite among women!

SUNCOLADA, a bronzer bursting with happiness

A real innovation in the world of tanning cosmetics! In addition to its bronzing and moisturizing properties, this bronzing sunbed cream is enriched with the Happy Skin formula, which has a proven anti-stress effect and will boost your mood. This is exactly what you need after your busy holiday season!

GRAND CRU, an accelerator that maximizes the effects of tanning

A traditional tan enhancer that accelerates tanning and intensifies its effects. Coconut and other natural ingredients provide the skin with the optimum level of moisturising, which has a positive effect not only on its healthy appearance, but also on the durability of the tan. In turn, Aloe Vera effectively vitalizes and soothes irritations. This sunbed tanning accelerator is best known for its light formula that absorbs quickly.

sunbed creams tanning accelerator Onyx

How to keep a summer tan for as long as possible?

You can enjoy your bronze tan long after your holiday time is over. It's good to keep this in mind before you start your holiday and take care of your skin both before and during sunbathing. However, if you are already back from your holiday, all is not lost. Remember to regularly moisturise your skin, follow a proper diet and visit the tanning salon twice a week so that your tan does not lose its intensity and its color evens out nicely. If you decide to use the services of a tanning salon, do not forget to apply tanning creams intended for this purpose. We guarantee that the effect will be even more stunning!

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